Press Releases

Nurse entrepreneur uses real-life scenarios to improve patient safety for 25-years

Nurses are inventors by nature, and Lisa Vallino embodied that when she served as a fulltime pediatric nurse. Because kids wiggle and the youngest among them don’t understand the tubes and machines they’re hooked up to, she and her colleagues would create work-arounds in order to keep young patients from snagging and pulling out IV tubing.

I.V. House Introduces the TLC® UltraSplint – The Ultimate in Armboard Support with a 360° View

The new TLC® UltraSplint is a state-of­‐the­‐art, next generation armboard. Featuring an ergonomic design and see-­through openings, the TLC UltraSplint is 360° of comfort with a 360° view.

New I.V. House Website Illustrates Clinical Applications

From Babies and Children to Seniors, IV Site Protection Fits All

I.V. House, Inc. Adds “Puppy Sticker” to Product Lines

I.V. House, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to its product line, a sticker depicting a puppy sleeping on a rug in front of a dog house shaped like the I.V. House logo.

Our Special Delivery for Early Deliveries: The I.V. House Ultradressing® 330 Series

I.V. House, Inc., the leading manufacturer of intravenous (IV) therapy site protection, introduces the new I.V. House UltraDressing 330 Series.

I.V. House Introduces the I.V. House UltraDome®

I.V. House, Inc., the leading manufacturer of intravenous (IV) site protection, announces the new I.V. House UltraDome.