FaceShield with ID Band Meets Updated CDC Guidance on Eye Protection

The I.V. House FaceShield with ID Band meets the updated CDC recommendations for eye protection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the extended use of eye protection for health care providers in all patient encounters in areas with the highest rates of COVID-19 transmission.

According to the CDC’s website, “Extended use of eye protection is the practice of wearing the same eye protection for repeated close contact encounters with several different patients, without removing eye protection between patient encounters.”

The I.V. House FaceShield with ID Band is made using 3M optically clear, medical grade, fog-resistant film, and is reusable by the same health care provider. Other features include:

  • ID Band is ideal for writing name, title, or other message, which can be comforting for patients when faces are obscured by masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • A QR code on the ID band links to care, cleaning, and disinfection instructions.
  • The adjustable strap fits most adults and only needs to be adjusted once to the correct size.
  • FaceShield with ID Band can be worn with other PPE, including N95 or higher filtering facepiece respirators, or half facepiece elastomeric respirators.
  • A paper bag suitable for PPE storage is included with each FaceShield with ID Band.

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