Protecting Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

In order to help meet the need for high quality, medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE), I.V. House has created the FaceShield with ID Band that can be disinfected up to 50 times.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers were asked to work with highly infectious patients without the benefit of adequate personal protective equipment due to world-wide shortages. I.V. House has a history of creating products for patients based on needs expressed by nurses. Now for the first time ever we turned our focus to creating products for the health care workers themselves.

The FaceShield with ID Band has several features that make it ideal in the health care environment:

  • The ID band is ideal for writing a name, title, or other message, which can be comforting to patients when faces are obscured by face masks and eye protection.
  • A QR code on the ID band links to care and cleaning instructions, making it easier to find disinfection information.
  • The faceshield is made from optically clear, medical grade anti-fog film.
  • The strap fits most adults, and only needs to be adjusted to the correct size once.
  • Comfortable foam cushion under the shield conforms to the wearer’s forehead.
  • It can be worn with other PPE, including N95 or higher filtering facepiece respirators, or half facepiece elastomeric respirators.
  • It comes with a paper bag suitable for PPE storage.
Doffing FaceShield with ID Band
The strap only needs to be adjusted at the first wearing. Simply slip strap over the head to don or doff for subsequent wearings.
Writing name on ID band of FaceShield with ID Band
The ID band is ideal for writing a name, title, or other message which helps personalize care in settings where faces are covered with PPE. 

During the design and development phase of the FaceShield with ID Band, I.V. House partnered with Community Health Associates, LLC. for their expertise in clinical product development for an evaluation of the wearability and reusability of the device. Their recommendation for reprocessing or disinfecting the FaceShield with ID band is up to 50 times. You can read their full report here.

Learn more about the I.V. House FaceShield with ID Band in our Products section, or download product-related information below.

FaceShield with ID Band Product Flyer
FaceShield Care and Cleaning Flyer
Disinfectant Compatibility Report