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Who Are Our Customers?

  • 60% of top pediatric hospitals as listed in U.S. News & World Report
  • 50% of the Free Standing Pediatric Hospitals nationally and in Canada
  • 43% of the 30 largest Children’s Hospitals in the US
  • 32% of Children’s Hospital Association list of pediatric hospitals


We absolutely LOVE the [TLC Splint] arm boards! We have had the opportunity to use the TLC Foot Splint and we all really like it. It fits well and is very user friendly. The best part is that we don’t have to use a bunch of tape to secure the board and keep the IV safe. Great product!

Suzy J., Nurse
Monterey, CA

I think that the new [TLC] splints are a vast improvement compared to the old splints. The kids seem to feel very comfortable in them. IVs beep a lot less from occlusion because the splints are age- and weight-based instead of one size fits all. I like the domes as well as they shield and help protect the IV.

Heather C, Nurse

We love our I.V. House armboards 😀

Rana P., Nurse
Springfield, MO

I have used the new arm boards on a few babies and I like them! Easy to use.

Jesse C., Nurse
St. Louis, MO

They [TLC splints] have been wonderful in assisting our patients in keeping their limbs straight, IVs intact, while still being able to assess the site.

Emily M, Nurse

We love your TLC Splint products for pediatrics. I’m part of an IV special interest group and we are in need of similar armboards for adults.

Jackie M., Nurse
Dover, NH

I have shown the products to everyone that has walked by my office or has patients with IVs and the response is always “We Love These”!

Senior Nurse Manager

I have used some of the TLC Splints, they work great and the patient really enjoyed it. I liked that it kept the skin less sweaty and I could visualize the IV site. I used the product on an older, autistic child and it worked great!

Yesica P., Nurse
Hannibal, MO

The IV House provides protection of the IV site and allows us to visualize the site without removing a bunch of tape or securement devices. When patients are transferred to us, we LOVE when they already have an IV House in place. It prevents us from having to take down the dressing which causes the patient more discomfort and fear. The parents that are familiar with the IV House often ask for it before we even have a chance to place it on the child’s IV. I can’t imagine not using it.

Sara O., Nurse
St. Louis, MO

We consider I.V. House for our entire population of patients.

Chris D., Nurse
St. Louis, MO

We love the product and I fully endorse this product; our nurses love the [TLC Splints].

Jenn L., Nurse
Columbia, MO

I applaud your dedication to infant safety, comfort, and the love you put into your work!!

Marcia S., Nurse
Monterey, CA

We have tried an I.V. House UltraDressing on an irritable geriatric inpatient, and the result is fantastic.

Goutham B.
Sedeer Medical

I work at a large free standing pediatric hospital in California, and we love your innovation. Thank you for putting the sleeping-puppy sticker in the pack, too. It’s amazing how many kids know and ask for it even after having gone through a procedure. It’s the little things...

Medie J., Nurse
Palo Alto, CA

We have used the I.V. House line of IV coverings for years. We can’t imagine maintaining IVs without these coverings. The house allows coverage of the IV catheter and connector and we believe helps prevent bumping of the site by our patients. The school-age and teen frequent fliers actually ask for a house when IVs are inserted.

Pediatric Nurse
Philadelphia, PA

I love the “Ivy” sticker! Why can’t I think of things like this? We do still have some left in pediatrics. We split the order with our ER, so I will have to check in with the ER director to see how they are flowing there. My nurses love them and they really seem to hold up well, and protect the site!

Pediatric Nurse
Pediatric hospital in the Northeast

I received your package today. I am very impressed by “the IV house!” As a pediatric nurse who has been inserting IVs for 20 years I am very excited by your product, especially for the infant and toddler age group as well as the developmentally delayed child.

Kathylynn R., Nurse
St. John’s, NL Canada

We love the I.V. House products. The nurses in SCN are so excited to have them. It is much safer and nicer for the babies than our homemade IV protectors. Great invention!

Nurse Manager
Mother Baby/Nursery/Special Care Nursery

The nurses love I.V. Houses. The I.V. House has saved many IVs on fragile elderly patients and active children. They work great at keeping the IVs in. I.V. Houses prevent patients from additional IV sticks when confused elderly or curious children pull their IVs out.

Nursing Supervisor
From a Critical Access hospital in the Midwest

The cost of I.V. House devices is negligible when you consider that you can observe complications earlier and prevent their worsening.

Medie J., Nurse
Palo Alto, CA

We love the new I.V. Houses®. They are so great for our patients. This is actually one change that our nurses haven’t had complaints about, everyone thinks they are wonderful.

DeAnne A., Nurse
Cincinnati, OH

We wouldn’t dream of starting an IV without an I.V. House.

Cynthia H., Nurse
Lubbock, TX

I cannot explain how this invention reduced a mother’s stress. Logan didn’t have access to pull his IV out because of this invention. So, to IV House, thank you so much! You saved a mother from facing additional pain and emotional heartbreak and my newborn from unnecessary pain.

Amber, Mother to Logan
St. Louis, MO

My daughter is a 6-year-old, non-verbal, Autistic, Type 1 Diabetic. We had been having a problem with her pulling out her continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Without the CGM her diabetes is trickier to manage. The nurse at her school found us a solution: the I.V. House 730Arm. Since wearing it she has scratched at it but has been unable to take out the CGM. The device has made it possible for us to manage her diabetes easier. Thank you, I.V. House, for helping us. We sleep better knowing you're protecting her CGM.

Susan K

The I.V. House was such a big help when my son was hospitalized for an emergency surgery when he was a week old. It NEEDS to be used in all hospitals, and especially with pediatric care to keep their curious little hands from grabbing the IV.

Brandy, Mother to Liam
St. Louis, MO

There was no pain at any time, all tubes were accessible, non-moving, non-kinking and generally static and well protected. The IV Site did not get sore and did not hurt; there was no awful feeling of the catheter moving around in my vein. There was an incident where the UltraDome got whapped....and it was like nothing happened at all. Not even one part of the system moved. Usually, that kind incident will be very painful and may even necessitate a new IV installation.

I am going to flat out refuse to have any IV installed that does not use your products, because I am so tired of the injuries that happen without them.

Thank you Liz and I.V. House!

Ian, Patient
Cornelius, NC

I just wanted to write to tell you that our 11-month-old son was in St. John’s recently, and while there, they used an I.V. House®. I thought at the time what a great device it was. It was an ideal device for a young and active little boy, and it worked very well. From a parent’s standpoint, I’d recommend your product very highly.

John, Parent
Festus, MO

I am a nurse who also gets home IVs at least 4 times per year. You gave me a couple of your IV site protectors to try out when we met at the Legal Nurse Consultant Conference in the spring of 2000. I just had my first home infusion since the meeting and we tried it. I really liked it. The biggest advantage for me was decrease in pain. My IV is usually put in 24-36 hours before I infuse so that I have some flexibility in arranging my infusion around a very busy and active schedule. So for a while the IV is a heparin lock while I work, shop, and do all my usual activities. As a result, the hub is exposed to some movement from constant use of my arm in addition to pressure from overlying clothes, carrying things, inadvertent bumping etc. Of course, any movement of the hub causes pain. With I.V. House® I experienced very little pain - my IV was in 24 hours before I infused. And, now that everything is out, it is not as sore post infusion, post-removal as it usually is. I would say I I.V. House® is a definite PLUS for the ACTIVE home infusion patient.

Kathie, Nurse/Patient
Wilmington, DE

Thank you so much for your kindness. No one has ever done something like this completely out-of-the-blue! Having self-administered IVs for about 30 years, my existence has been totally “frozen” for about 2+ hours per IV. Now my life has been transformed – thanks to you! P.S. Several MDs will hear about your IV products.

Antoinette, Patient
West Hills, CA

A tremendous amount of ergonomic and usability research has supported the design of I.V. House’s products.

Addressing the safety aspects, the windows in the splint allow you to visualize key areas of the anatomy without having to remove the splint itself. But if you do need to remove the splint, it’s easy on, easy off with intuitive, Velcro pull tabs.

The clinical evidence is in, these products do increase dwell times, save hospitals money in the long term, and bring physical and emotional comfort to patients.

Bryce Rutter, CEO
Metaphase Design Group

I.V. House’s product design is informed by a deep understanding of anatomy and function of the hand, wrist, and forearm. This attention to the human form leads to intuitive design solutions, for instance the I.V. House UltraDressing which fits like a glove, and the TLC Splint which holds the elbow, wrist, or foot in the ideal orientation for effective IV therapy.

Bryce Rutter, CEO
Metaphase Design Group

The I.V. House is a very elegant solution to a very old problem. It’s one of those designs that make you wonder why nobody seems to have thought of it before.

Stephen B. Wilcox
Ph.D and Fellow of the IDSA