Illustrated I.V. House Badge Buddies Make Selecting the Correct TLC Splint Easier

Badge Buddy lanyard cards make it easy to find the correct size TLC Splint based on age range and weight.

The TLC Splint, available for the wrist, elbow, and foot, is the only armboard using Human Factors and Ergonomics to improve patient safety and increase nurse efficiency. The devices are designed to fit the anatomy of your patients, from infants through adults, in the 5th to 95th percentile size range.

Because the TLC Splints come in different sizes based on weight, nurses told us they wanted a tool to help them select the correct product every time they insert an IV catheter. Our answer to this request was to create Badge Buddy lanyard cards that are easy to read, and follow the same color coding as our packaging so you can quickly choose the correct TLC Splint.

I.V. House Badge Buddy art
I.V. House Badge Buddies for the TLC Splint product line

Each TLC Splint package also includes detailed instructions to help you apply the device so it will fit comfortably and make it easier to Touch, Look, and Compare the limb with the IV catheter with the opposite extremity to check for early warning signs of complications.

If you would like Badge Buddies for your hospital, please contact us.

Download a PDF to print your own Badge Buddy: I.V. House Badge Buddies art