Combined IV Therapy Interventions Yield Positive Trial Results Nationwide

Nearly 50% of Solutions for Patient Safety hospitals use I.V. House products to help reduce patient harm and increase nurse efficiency.

There’s a reason 46% of Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) Hospitals use I.V. House products. When utilized in combination with other interventions, I.V. House devices help reduce common complications from IV therapy such as catheter loss, infiltration, and extravasation.

From trial results shared with us, we’ve learned patient safety improves when hospitals use a combination of complementary interventions such as I.V. House joint stabilization and IV insertion site protection products, leading-edge IV technology, and patient/caregiver education.

  • Two Midwest hospitals saw a 20% reduction in moderate to severe infiltrates.
  • A third Midwest hospital saw a 17% decrease in infiltrates after converting to I.V. House products.
  • In a trial of the TLC Splint at a fourth Midwest hospital, 86% of nurses found it easier to view and assess the IV site, and they were able to reduce the amount of tape used.
  • In a West Coast hospital, the I.V. House UltraDome® and TLC® Splint were part of a bundle that reduced IV catheter loss from 25% to 5%, extending dwell times.
  • Nurses in a hospital in the Southeast gave high marks to I.V. House products. 95% of nurses found the products easy to apply, but more importantly, 86% said they made it easy to assess the IV insertion site.
  • Finally, the results of a trial at St. Louis Children’s Hospital showed ZERO IV infiltrates in patients wearing the TLC Wrist Splint compared to 12 IV infiltrates in the patients wearing traditional armboards. You can read more here.

We’re so thankful that nurses across the US are seeing such positive results, and are sharing them with us. If you plan to do a trial at your hospital, we’d love to hear from you, too.

If you’re interested in product samples or setting up a new trial at your hospital, please contact us.