Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Help Guide Product Development

Recent customer satisfaction survey results have given us insight into what works and areas we can improve. Thank you to all of the nurses who participated!

First and foremost, we’d like to thank the nurses who took time to fill out our 2020 I.V. House Customer Satisfaction Survey. We learned so much about what you like, and where we should focus as we continue to develop educational materials, products, and services. Here’s a snapshot for each product line.

TLC Splints

TLC Wrist Splint—Touch, Look, Compare
The TLC Splint is available for pediatric through adult and geriatric patients. It is available for the wrist and elbow for patients of all ages, and for the foot for nonambulatory& infants.
These splints have been a game-changer for our clinic with helping maintain access. Our patients seem to like the splint with no discomfort when applied. Nurses like them because they can visualize the site better, which helps with early finding of infiltration and also helps with less IV infiltrates.
  • 91% of customers said they were satisfied with the overall ease of application of the TLC Splint, which is available for the wrist, elbow, and foot.
  • 92% said they were happy with the sizes available.
  • 97% felt like the educational resources provided are helpful.

I.V. House UltraDressing

730Arm I.V. UltraDressing
The I.V. House UltraDressing comes in sizes for infant, pediatric, and adult patients. The soft fabric wrap is designed to reduce tape usage to protect fragile skin.
[ The I.V. House UltraDressing is ] easy to remove and apply in medication administration.
  • 86% of nurses surveyed said the I.V. House UltraDressing helps prevent catheter loss.
  • 88% found it easy to release the Velcro® tab and lift the device for manual and visual inspection.
  • 82% said the I.V. House UltraDressing reduces the amount of tape they use.

I.V. House UltraDome

I.V. House UltraDome
The I.V. House UltraDome is the first product introduced by I.V. House and has become a standard of care in top hospitals around the world.
Overall, I like this product!
  • 84% of respondents said the I.V. House UltraDome helps prevent catheter loss.
  • 92% told us the I.V. House UltraDome stays securely in place.
  • 94% approved of the overall performance of the device.

We rely heavily on nurse feedback for research and development, and appreciate the time nurses took to complete this short survey.