Watch: Tutorial Videos for All I.V. House Products

All new video directions are perfect for teaching application techniques to new employees or as a refresher for current staff members.

We are pleased to announce that we have all new videos demonstrating Directions for Use for all I.V. House products now available for viewing in the Education section of our website.

The updated videos include new tips, tools, and techniques that have been developed thanks to nurse feedback since our last production, and we’ve added videos demonstrating the application of our new TLC Elbow Splints for the first time ever.

These helpful videos are tools you and your nursing team can review as a refresher on proper application. They’re also useful during the onboarding and training process when a new nurse is added to your team.

The videos also demonstrate the Touch, Look, and Compare site assessment method that was developed by a large pediatric hospital as a memorable method for nurses to evaluate a patient’s IV insertion site.

  • Touch: IV insertion site should feel soft, warm, dry, and pain-free.
  • Look: IV insertion site should be uncovered, dry, and without redness.
  • Compare: IV insertion site and surrounding area should be the same size as the opposite extremity and without swelling.

Learning the proper application of these ergonomically designed products will help increase nurse efficiency and improve patient safety at your hospital.

View our new Directions for Use Videos now, and be sure to bookmark the page for future reference, or look for the blue tab that says Videos at the top-right of each page when you visit our site.

Look for the Videos link at the top of each web page
Look for the Videos link at the top-right corner of each web page

Video Fun Facts:

  • Some of the older pediatric models in these videos have appeared in our brochures and videos since they were babies.
  • The nurse applying the products is a former pediatric ER nurse and current Trauma Coordinator at the same St. Louis area hospital that our CEO, Lisa Vallino worked at before founding I.V. House, Inc.