TLC Splint Orientation Label Points You in the Right Direction

Peel-off labels on the TLC Wrist Splint and TLC Elbow Splint indicate proper orientation of the device on a patient's limb.

Unlike traditional, flat armboards, the TLC Splint, a revolutionary IV armboard, is ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of a patient. During the training process, nurses are taught how to properly apply the TLC Splint so that the patient is comfortable and the see-through openings are clear for proper assessment.

The labels are located on the concave surface, which is also the side of the TLC Splint that makes contact with the patient’s skin.

  • The orientation label on the TLC Wrist Splint identifies which end points toward the fingers and where the wrist should land on the device.
  • The orientation label on the TLC Elbow Splint indicates which end goes under the forearm and which end supports the upper arm.
  • The tab on the label reminds you to remove it before final application.
Orientation Label on size Small TLC Elbow Splint for infants
Orientation Label on size Small TLC Elbow Splint for infants

As new nurses join your team, we want to ensure they know how to properly apply the device without requiring additional training. In order to address this need, we now include removable orientation labels on the TLC Wrist Splint and TLC Elbow Splint to make them easier and more intuitive to apply.

Once the TLC Splint is properly applied, the see-through openings make it easier to Touch, Look, and Compare the extremity with the IV catheter with the opposite extremity to spot early warning signs of complications during regularly scheduled assessments.

For more information about proper application of the TLC Splint, please visit our directions videos or in-service materials pages.