Updated TLC Wrist Splint and TLC Elbow Splint Straps Improve Stabilization

Wider Straps on the Child, and Youth/Adult sizes of the TLC Wrist Splint and Toddler and Child sizes of the TLC Elbow Splint help stabilize the extremity for older, more active patients.

The TLC Wrist Splint and TLC Elbow Splint are ergonomically designed to stabilize the area of flexion while holding the limb in the functional position for optimal IV therapy infusion. Our original design had narrow straps on all the splints, from infant to adult sizes. Nurses suggested older pediatric patients, adults, and geriatric patients would benefit from wider straps to hold the device more securely.

Large size TLC Elbow Splint with wider straps
Wider straps on the Large size TLC Elbow Splint on a 6-year-old child

Following our customer’s input, we now offer Child size and Youth/Adult size TLC Wrist Splints with generous 1" straps. These same comfortable straps are also available on the TLC Elbow Splint in Toddler and Child sizes. All TLC Splints use Velcro® tabs for easy application and to reduce the need for over-taping which can cause epidermal stripping. Nurse feedback on these updates has been positive.

939XL TLC Splint on adult hand
Wider straps on Extra-Large TLC Wrist Splint, sized for youth through adult patients

The TLC Splints with wider straps still allow nurses to visually and manually assess the IV insertion site to check for early warning signs of complications such as changes in color, temperature, and swelling.

For more information about the TLC Wrist Splint or TLC Elbow Splint with wider straps, please contact us or request samples.