I.V. House UltraDome

Seven Tips for Keeping Your Staff on Track After a New Product Rollout

Adopting new products and practices can be a challenge. We’ve gathered our top 7 tips for keeping your team on track to ensure better patient outcomes.

Fewer Complications & Lower Material Costs Make A Big Impact

Hospitals may see a 55%–67% cost reduction, and fewer IV related complications when switching from immobilizers to I.V. House products.

Studies Indicate Parent and Patient Education Reduces Patient Harm

Teaching parents and patients how to spot and identify early warning signs of complications reduces patient harm and increases nurse efficiency.

I.V. House Products Improve Site Access to Prevent Grades 3 and 4 Infiltrates

I.V. House products allow nurses to Touch, Look, and Compare the IV insertion site to the opposite extremity to look for early warning signs of complications.

Preparation and Collaboration are Key to a Successful Product Trial

Laying the groundwork and prepping your nursing team in advance leads to successful trials of any product or technology.

Recent Poll Results Highlight Current Industry Trends and Solutions

Our poll at the 2021 Society of Pediatric Nurses Conference confirms peripheral IV insertion site access is important for spotting early signs of complications.

INS Best Practices Include IV Insertion Site Protection & Joint Stabilization

When used together securement, IV catheter site protection, and joint stabilization have been shown to reduce the risk of common IV therapy complications.