Celebrating 30 Years of Collaboration with Nurses on Product Design

A nurse-inspired improvement shown above: we have tapered the ends of the TLC Splint straps to make them easier to feed through the slots in the splints. Nurse feedback helps guide the I.V. House research and development process so we can deliver on the promise of improved patient safety and increased nurse efficiency.

The TLC Splint® is designed to help stabilize the joint when an area of flexion is used during IV therapy infusion. See-through openings in the TLC Splints allow nurses to visually and manually assess the IV insertion site and surrounding tissue without removing the device. Recent nurse feedback led to product improvements to the TLC Wrist Splint and TLC Foot Splint. Here’s what’s new:

Tapered Ends on Straps

The ends of the straps that nurses thread through the slots on the TLC Wrist Splint are now tapered. This update will make it easier to feed the strap through the slot when applying the armboard. The design change is directly related to our goal of increasing nurse efficiency.

Increased Padding

In order to improve patient comfort, we’ve widened the padding on the TLC Foot Splint so it more completely covers the plastic. This proactive measure was taken based on feedback from nurses who work directly with patients.

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Thirty Years and Still Listening

July marks I.V. House’s 30th anniversary. That’s 30 years of listening to the needs of nurses and responding with products that help prevent patient harm by protecting the IV catheter from bumps and snags, and stabilizing the joint when an area of flexion is used for IV therapy.