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TLC Splint wall hanger organizer

Developing Efficient Stocking Solutions Comes from 30 Years of Experience

Delivering on the promise of improved patient safety and increased nurse efficiency is our commitment to you from trial through rollout.

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Video instruction available on I.V. House website

Detailed Directions for Use Videos Show Proper Application Techniques

The Directions for Use online training tool provides video instructions for all I.V. House joint stabilization and IV insertion site protection products.

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UltraDressing 730L Hand and 939XL-Ultra wrist splint armboard on older adult patient

Answering a Call for IV Therapy Stabilization, Protection for Adult Patients

I.V. House products protect the IV insertion site, allow active patients to participation in routine self-care, increase dwell times, and reduce injuries.

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Recent Poll Results Highlight Current Industry Trends and Solutions

Our poll at the 2021 Society of Pediatric Nurses Conference confirms peripheral IV insertion site access is important for spotting early signs of complications.Read more

Celebrating 30 Years of Collaboration with Nurses on Product Design

Recent TLC Splint product improvements were driven by nurse feedback to help make application easier and to improve patient comfort and safety.Read more

INS Best Practices Include IV Insertion Site Protection & Joint Stabilization

When used together securement, IV catheter site protection, and joint stabilization have been shown to reduce the risk of common IV therapy complications.Read more

INS Standards Provide Direction on IV Insertion Site Selection & Attempts

Selecting the ideal IV insertion site, adherence to site preparation guidelines, and reducing the number of needle sticks improve patient outcomes.Read more

Nurse Expertise, Patient/Caregiver Education Improve Patient Outcomes

Standardizing IV therapy practices hospital-wide and using complementary interventions ensures consistent treatment and adherence to industry best practices.Read more

Finger Tape Note Prompts Nurses to Secure Wriggly Fingers of Young Patients

The littlest patients are the biggest escape artists. That’s why our small and medium TLC Wrist Splint with Straps use tape at the fingers.Read more

The TLC Method Is Easy to Follow and Reduces Serious Harm in Patients

Catching early signs of IV-therapy-related complications saves time for nurses and reduces expensive mitigation measures for patients.Read more

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Help Guide Product Development

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we asked nurses about their experience with our joint stabilization and IV insertion site protection products.Read more